I want to personally welcome you to my official Twitch Channel Website!

Hi I’m Guillaume, I’m a “Grand Theft Auto specialist”, I’d call myself a GTA specialist because I play that game series since I was a small kid, I remember my begins on my Original XBOX.

Today, I’m playing at GTA V which is the latest version of the game.

Why this channel and my game play is different than all the other one on Twich? First I will answer this “cheesy” response <<Because we all all different>> but it is not my final answer.

I have OCD. What is that? OCD stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which mean in my game play you can see me hitting a trash can with a hammer till it became completely flat as a pancake, taking the time to shot at all street light on a street, one by one ans also thing like lifting cow in fields using a fork lift truck.

Only my laugh will make you laughing, yes I have a very distinctive laugh which is not related to my OCD, this is just because I’m crazy, sometime.

Came and join me, you will not regret it!